Even Sam Armytage is surprised she's engaged.

Nothing like finding out news about your own life in a glossy magazine.

Oh to be a celebrity. Your every move is watched. Your clothes are analysed and criticised. And, if you are a woman, the fourth finger on your left hand is everybody’s business.

No one knows this more than Sunrise host Samantha Armytage. She is unmarried at 37 and the world just can’t understand it.

So much so that every date she goes on results in “Totally Engaged” and “Wedding Coming Soon” headlines on the glossies.

An example of those dating rumours. Armytage denied she was dating Russell Crowe. Image via Twitter.

But while it might be funny (and a little eye-roll worthy) for us, it is hilarious to Armytage.

Yesterday, Amytage was at the check out counter when she spied the cover of New Idea. That's how she found out that she was engaged (Congrats by the way Sam).

Image from Samantha Armytage's Instagram.

The cover has a very smiley Armytage with the headline "Sam Armytage Engagement SURPRISE!".

Clearly, Armytage's reaction who thought it was hilarious with many HA HA's says that it's not true.

On closer inspection the story inside covers a segment that appeared on Sunrise last week with mentalist Lior Suchard. Armytage had to think of an object and a word associated with the object for Suchard to guess.

Image via Lior Suchard's instagram.

Watch the Sunrise segment below. Post continues after the video.

And yes he guessed it was...a diamond ring. Suchard, Armytage and host David Koch had a bit of a laugh about when the wedding was, who was her fiance and quick, call Armytage's mum to share the good news.

Image from Samantha Armytage's Instagram.
Image via Lior Suchard's instagram.

The New Idea ends the article with "Sam, do you have anything to share?"

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