Samantha Armytage sends a body positive message to "the sisterhood".

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Samantha Armytage has endured her share of body shaming and criticism throughout her career — so it’s heart-warming to see the Sunrise co-host using her profile to promote positivity and confidence in other women.

Yesterday, Armytage shared an Instagram post from My Boutique Curves, who had named the 37-year-old as a ‘Friday Fashion Icon’ and praised her for not being afraid to “flaunt her curves” despite copping flak from fat-shaming bullies.

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“Every now and then someone you don’t know sends you something that makes your day (not in a creepy way!) A stranger/lovely member of the sisterhood posted this to me yesterday,” Armytage wrote, before imploring her followers to love themselves — and love other women — regardless of how they look.

“Just a reminder girls; it doesn’t really matter WHAT you look like on the outside (although you should make the most of what you got!) It’s WHO you are and HOW you make people feel that is important. (Post continues after gallery.)

“Remember not ALL women try to tear other women down. Some (the secure and content ones) build other women up. Seek those ones out and stick to them. #HatersGonnaHate.”

Armytage hasn’t shied away from the topic of body image in the past. In an interview with the Australian Women’s Weekly last year, she expressed frustration with the public’s ongoing fascination with her body — and decided to pose in a swimsuit to make a point.

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“I do become a bit sick of the ‘curvy’ tag and being seen as a representative of normal women because none of us is terribly normal. It is something people talk about and what I look like resonates with other women. I don’t describe myself as curvy. I’d describe myself as quite strong and healthy, nothing terribly flash. Take me as I am,” she told the magazine.

Armytage in the Australian Women's Weekly

"I find obsession with appearance to be so dull. Can’t anyone talk about an interview I did, something I wrote or some belief of mine? I’m a size 12 with big boobs ? we all need to get over it ... You only get one life – have fun, embrace who you are, what you are and what you do, and have an interesting life. Don’t worry about your thighs or arms or bum – just like the good bits.”

Despite an ongoing, reported 'rivalry' with former Channel 7 newsreader Chris Bath — who she apparently nicknamed 'Bath Vader' — Armytage has often spoken of the importance of women supporting one another.

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In her book Shine, she offered up some choice morsels of advice, such as, “Be happy for others when good things happen in their lives. There a so many jealous people out there. Be the one who is not" and “It pays to keep in mind what drives nasty and unkind people, then you can walk away from them and, most importantly, not let their words or actions sting."

The original Instagram post Armytage shared.

Above all, Armytage owns the fact that she isn't perfect... just like the rest of us.

"[N]o-one out there is perfect. It might look like I have it all together on the show and my life is fabulous and like something out of an airbrushed painting ... I want people to know I’m just a normal girl," she wrote.

Keep the positive messages coming, Sam. We're all ears.

Do you agree with Armytage's comments about women supporting one another?