The Bachelor's Sam tells us exactly how he and Snez make long distance work.

What does a typical day look like for a currently affianced former bachelor with a fitness fixation?

We know Sam Wood was the bachelor. We know he’s not now. We know he and Snezana Markoski just bought a house together. We know he’s really fit and partial to a deep-V neck.

But what we really wanted was to nosy around Sam’s life — to find out what he eats, reads, drinks and just how much he works out. So we asked him, and you’ll never guess what. He told us.

Here’s a day in the life of Sam Wood, 35, fiance to Snez, fitness guru, Woodshed owner and bach no more.

I’m a creature of habit but (unfortunately as a trainer) not a morning person.

When my alarm goes off, I peel myself out of bed, put on a daggy hat and shorts and it’s off for a walk with Hendrix (my chocolate lab and the other love of my life) and coffee at my favourite local, Batch (yep, that’s right, Batchie!)

We do a few laps of the dog park in St Kilda and check in with the 28-ers (the amazing people doing my online program 28 by Sam Wood around Australia and the world). I send them videos with thoughts and motivation for the day, answer their questions and keep them on track!

Then it’s a good morning message to Snez so she has something nice to wake up to (easy with her three hours behind in Perth) because as a mum her mornings are always chaotic.

Sam and his cool pooch Hendrix. Image via Instagram.

Back home, shower, dress in jeans, tee and my current favourite pair of kicks (I have more than 150 pairs…) and Hendrix and I are off to my studio and office The Woodshed in Brighton.

Arrive at work, say “Hi” to the staff and clients and then it’s to my desk to eat breakfast while checking emails for my businesses The Woodshed and Gecko Sports. Breakfast is oats, fresh berries and natural yoghurt and served by my little brother Alex, working at his café in my studio.

I savour my final coffee for the day from Alex and eat some almonds and a banana to get me through to lunch.

Watch some of Sam’s 28-ers talking about the program. Post continues after video…


Training session with Alex. We do something different every day, from high intensity resistance training at The Woodshed, or swimming in the Bay with Hendrix. I mix it up, but always get my 28 minutes in every day: practice what you preach!

I always talk with Snez over lunch. No phone calls, emails or other distractions. We have a great chat for 30 – 60 minutes about everything we can fit in and what she and Eve are up to. Lunch is normally lean fish, chicken or beef with rice and vegetables, prepared earlier in the week so I can grab it from the fridge and go.

2pm – 6pm:
Working on 28. I’m posting more videos (I keep thinking my sign-ups will be sick of me!), developing new workouts (they’re definitely sick of burpees), and spreading the word. The goal is to exceed people’s expectations and give them a better and more authentic experience with me every day, and to work up a serious sweat together.

sam woodshed
Leaving the gym after a long day. Image via 28 by Sam Wood.

I always have a smoothie in the afternoon somewhere and take Hendrix for another walk to clear the head, have a stretch and get some fresh air and sunlight.

7 – 8pm:
I cook a very simple meal (I am not the greatest in the kitchen and my current setup is very much a bach pad) at home or meet friends to have dinner and catch up. A nice steak or Mexican are go-tos; I’m not one to skimp on a solid meal.

sam and snezana
Sam pretending to help Snez in the kitchen. Image via 28 by Sam Wood.

I indulge in the occasional cheeky frozen yoghurt from Yo Chi in Carlisle Street, St Kilda East — easy on the toppings.

9:30pm – 11:30pm:
In the evenings when Snezana isn’t in Melbourne I work quietly on different projects, do a final check-in with my 28ers, and read a few pages of my latest book (currently on Small Giants by Bo Burlingham) and have a cuppa. I like to have music on in the background -– from Miles Davis records through to Bon Iver.

11:30pm – midnight:
Facetime with Snez after her daughter Eve is in bed — it’s late for me but earlier for her in Perth!

Lights out and (so Snez says) snoring.

Sam’s 28:28 program for this month starts April 4. Check it out here.