Sam Wood posts family photo to Instagram. Sasha Mielczarek comments what we're all thinking.

Former Bachelor Sam Wood has a particularly adorable Instagram.

It regularly features gorgeous photos of his fiancé Snezana Markoski and her 10-year-old daughter, Eve, not to mention his chocolate brown labrador, Hendrix.

But his most recent photo raised a valid question from Sasha Mielczarek – the winner of Sam Frost’s season of The Bachelorette.

❤️️when my girls surprise me with a visit

A photo posted by Sam Wood (@samjameswood) on


On Monday night, Wood posted a stunning black and white photo of him with Snezana and Eve, accompanied by the caption, “when my girls surprise me with a visit.”

But Mielczarek was the first to comment, writing, “Do you have another person living with you taking these photos?”

So. True.

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It really is a beautiful photo – it looks like a still from a movie.

A few of Wood’s fans replied to Mielczarek’s comment, with one saying, “exactly my thoughts!” But Wood himself was quick to respond, writing “oh you are funny.”

“This is at work mate and was taken by our videographer through the glass. Shouldn’t you be training for tough mudder…?!”

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Ahhh. So it is a professional photo.

Eventually Mielczarek responded, “if by training you mean sinking froff then yes…flat out!”

We just wish we could ask everyone on social media whether they have a professional following them around with a camera – because it really does feel that way sometimes.