Sam Wood is getting his own TV show, and it's nothing like The Bachelor.

In case you were missing a bit of the former Bachelor Sam Wood on your screens, don’t worry: he’s going to be back.

Yes, that’s right.

In an interview with news.com.au, the personal trainer announced he would be launching a new health and wellbeing show on Channel 10.

Called Everday Health, the show will air every afternoon and “will touch on all sorts of themes that are relevant to our wellbeing”.

Ahh, excellent.

Bachelor Wood giving us daily updates on #fitness and #health. I look forward to really enjoying the show, most likely from my couch and drinking chocolate milkshakes.

In all seriousness, the former Bachelor launched his new program “28 By Sam” earlier this month.

The program asks people for 28 days to do 28 minutes of physical activity that is motivating, engaging and sustainable.

In case you needed any evidence that Sam Wood is still in excellent physical condition, check out his Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

In the interview, Wood also revealed that this is the first show he has actually agreed to be launch since the finale of The Bachelor.

He was offered spots on Home and Away and “every reality TV show under the sun you can imagine”.

Wood said that despite being warned about the popularity of The Bachelor, he was never fully prepared for how much the show would change his life.

“The producers of the show, they warn you, they say, ‘Look mate, you gotta understand one this goes to air, it’s a very very popular show on Australian television, we attract over a million view a night during prime time, you are going to be one of the most recognisable faces in the country almost overnight. How long that lasts, who knows, but at least while the show is on air, that’s going to be the case,” Wood said.

“I listened to them, I understood what they were saying, but until it happens you’re kind of like ‘whoah, I had no idea’.

Remember that time Sam Wood showed us how to be fit? That was good. (Post continues after video.)


“Literally, it went from me being able to walk down the street, minding my own business, to every person you walk past turning around and pointing, saying, ‘I know who that is’, asking for photos, paparazzi following you.

“There’s some crappy parts about it, like you don’t have the same privacy, and you pestered a little bit.”

Earlier this year, rumours were swirling that Wood and his fiance, Snezana Markoski would have their wedding filmed for national TV.

But, Wood has confirmed no such filming will go ahead.

“It’s something that was kind of floated to us,” Wood said about the filming of his marriage.

“Snez and I spoke to Channel Ten, about how that would, and they were incredibly respectful when they ask, they said, ‘No pressure but if you’d like to do it, we’d love to do it’, and we politely declined.

“The gifts are attractive in the short term, it’s easy to get drawn to that, all the bells and whistles but then in the long term, we’d be better off doing it right and privately, without the risks of things being tarnished or jaded.”

Yes, Wood, I do have to agree.

Maybe I will just participate in your new show. Maybe.

Featured image via Instagram.