Sam Wood posts offensive thing on Facebook. Blames it on some other person who writes his posts.

Erstwhile bachelor Sam Wood and his reality TV fiancé Snezana Markoski were happily showing off their new million dollar family home on social media yesterday.

[If you missed it, you can take a tour of their $1.4 million home here.]

But goodwill towards the recently affianced Wood soured that afternoon though, when he posted a comment to Facebook that was remarkably poorly-judged.

Wood posted a recipe for a smoothie, apparently devised by Markoski, along with the comment: “When Snez isn’t in Melbourne with me, I like to make her favorite smoothie to remind me of her. You can call me gay if you want, but I’ll go with cute,” followed by a winky face emoji.

It’s been edited but can still be viewed with Facebook’s “view edit history” function.

Wood claims not to be the poster of the comment (some one added to it afterwards), and he has apologised for posting it.

It seems that Sam is SO famous now that he employs someone else to take care of his Facebook page.

And whoever that person is, well, perhaps they should consider stepping AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD. Forever.

You can call me mean if you want, but I’ll go with pragmatic (I’ll also take wise, attractive, and insightful).

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