Life is cruel: A fancy marquee refused Sam Wood entry at Derby Day yesterday.

‘Not today mate, we’re full.’

Apparently being one of Australia’s most recognisable reality TV stars isn’t enough to win over Melbourne’s Spring Racing elite. Tough crowd, that lot.

That’s right, being Sam Wood (AKA the country’s favourite Tasmanian bachelor) isn’t sufficient to secure Spring Racing socialite status. The 35-year-old was turned away from the James Boag marquee at Derby Day yesterday, with organisers telling the Network 10 star that the tent area was too full for him to enter.

Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski having a smooch before the big day. (Image via Instagram @SamJamesWood)

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, a James Boag spokesperson explained why the personal trainer and his mates were sent packing.

“At the time Sam Wood came to the James Boag marquee, due to strict licensing laws the James Boag team could not allow his entry as it was at capacity.

“However, like James Boag, Sam’s from Tassie, so we’d welcome him back on Cup Day for a drink if he’s in the Birdcage.”

Want to check out all the fashions and fun from Derby Day, have a look here:

According to the publication, Sam’s chosen lady-friend Snezana left the festivities halfway through the day, leaving Sam to be surrounded by a bevy of beauties (their words, not ours). Daily Mail went on to express deep concerns about the fact that Sam was seen PLACING HIS HAND ON A BRUNETTE’S BACK AND PECKING A PRETTY BLONDE WOMAN ON THE CHEEK.

“What would Snezana say?” the news website asked.


Truthfully? Probably not much. After being on a national TV show entirely based on her man dating 21 different women, Snezana probably isn’t one to get jealous about a ‘cheek peck’ at the races.

Snez beat out a bunch of Australia’s hottest women to win Sam Wood’s affection. It’s safe to say, she has GOT THIS.

If you need more evidence of her complete dominance over all other admirers, just take a quick look at her Instagram:

Sorry, everyone. Even after she has left the party, Snez is still Sam’s top pick.

Who do you think was the best dressed celeb at Derby Day?

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