Sam Wood and Snezana take to Instagram to confirm their undying love.

Because if your relationship isn’t splashed across people’s news feeds, is it even real?

After weeks of being played by Channel 10, Osher and clever editing, last night’s The Bachelor Australia finale shocked 97.5% of viewers. With the entire country convinced intruder-with-the-big-eyes Lana Jeavons-Fellows was going to win it, Sam Wood swooped in with an ugly cubic zirconia ring and professed his undying love to Snezana Markoski.

And now, the 97.5% of viewers who were convinced Lana would win are all so glad to have been wrong.

Sam Wood and his chosen woman. Image via Channel 10/Instagram.

Unlike last year, we have it on good authority that Sam and Snez are still together. Unlike last year, Sam hasn’t relapsed to his third choice (sorry, Sarah). Unlike last year, this one might actually have a happy ending for Snez, her daugher Eve, and Sam.

Since the show ended, Sam has been busy on Instagram posting things about his new official girlfriend, who is still wearing that beautiful ring.

There was the sneak photo of Sam and Snez’s champagne glasses…

Getting ready to celebrate. #thebachelorau @thebachelorau

A photo posted by Sam Wood (@samjameswood) on

There was this sweet moment between his chosen girlfriend…

Thank you for everyone's support. We couldn't be more grateful. #thebachelorau

A photo posted by Sam Wood (@samjameswood) on

Then there was this. A 15-second video confirming that yes, they’re still together! And in love! Because we have to do that now thanks to last year’s debacle.

What a magical ending ❤️! @samjameswood and Snezana have a special message to share with you all! #TheBachelorAU

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Let’s be honest, we all discounted Snez from the start because we were convinced it was going to be Heather. Then Lana. And sometimes, Sarah. But Snez? She was the obvious choice, always there in the background with the beautiful personality and the ‘connection’. There’s a reason most people in the Mamamia office woke up happy today – TRUE LOVE IS REAL, PEOPLE.

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