Sam and Snez weigh in on The Bachelorette backlash and it's safe to say they're shocked.

The happy couple to come out of 2015’s The Bachelor, Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski, have sympathised with this year’s winners of Channel 10’s marquee series.

While the popular duo – who became engaged in December last year – didn’t watch Richie Strahan or Georgia Love‘s seasons “as closely as everyone might think”, they told Mamamia the backlash against the resulting couples did take them by surprise.

“It’s a bit more backlash than we got,” fitness entrepreneur Sam told us in a Facebook Live session on Monday morning.

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“[Fans felt quite invested] with our series as well,” Snezana added, noting that some viewers left comments on Sam’s social media pages, telling him he’d ‘made the wrong choice’.

“Even months after Snez and I were together you’d hop onto social media and see people saying, ‘Yeah, you picked the wrong girl’, which I guess they’re just getting off their chest,” Sam continued.

But both Sam and Snez agreed: “It’s been a lot worse this time round.”

The 35-year-old puts the difference down to how the audience received Snez, and how she was portrayed by the producers.

“I think a lot of people wanted Snez to win and loved her,” he explained. “I don’t just say that because I loved Snez, I genuinely think that a lot of people wanted her to win, and therefore it wasn’t as controversial.

 "I think a lot of people wanted Snez to win and loved her." (Image: Instagram/Sam Wood)

"I feel like in the more recent Bachelor and Bachelorette perhaps the favourite didn't win, or [the audience] were split 50/50, so there was going to be backlash either way," he finished.

Sam Wood is currently promoting his '28' fitness program, which commences next week.