Celeb in 5: Wednesday's very best entertainment news and gossip.

We know you’ve been missing your celebrity gossip hit, so we’ve made sure today’s mix has something for everyone.


1. Singer Sam Smith is dating a 13 Reasons Why star. Life feels sunnier, somehow.

(Images via Getty.)

He's the soulful singer who melts your heart with a single note and now Sam Smith is reportedly dating our favourite complicated bad boy jock (or at least the actor who plays him) Brandon Flynn.

The Stay With Me singer, 25, appears to be in a relationship with the 13 Reasons Why actor, 23, who has elicited from us so much anger, then sympathy, as Justin in the hit Netflix TV series.

At least, that's what paparazzi photos of the pair kissing while strolling around New York City on Sunday seem to show.

Somehow we feel happier knowing this couple potentially exists and hope they soon make it official.

2. Heidi and Spencer Pratt took $34,000 worth of crystals into the delivery suite because they're Speidi.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt were everyone's favourite reality TV "villains" as stars of hit noughties show The Hills, but if you haven't been following them a lot since 2009 you may not know two things...

1. They just had a baby boy named Gunner Stone on Sunday afternoon.
2. Spencer has an obsession with crystals. (As in the ones that are supposed to have purifying or healing powers, but really are just pretty rocks.)

The 34-year-old has shared his love for crystals on social media, but we only learned the depths of that love when he tweeted a thank you to a company who supplied him with $34,000 (US$27,000) worth of crystals to surround Heidi within the birthing suite.

Hey - whatever works for you.


3. S.O.S. Kylie Jenner's lips are about to vanish and her pregnancy is to blame.

As most mums will know, pregnancy is a blessing - and a bitch. Not only do you lose control of your body, but that unborn baby you're hosting, yeah, he/she's a sensitive little sucker. And so you need to give up everything from soft cheese to sushi to wine.

One thing that not too many of the mums among us have had to worry about though, is giving up lip fillers. But that's exactly the dilemma Kylie Jenner is facing (if she is indeed pregnant, it still hasn't been confirmed by the woman herself.)

Could we be saying bye to these lips? (Image via Instagram.)

Kylie's doctor has told Page Six that  - without confirming anything - if she's pregnant, he'll refuse to inject her with lip fillers because "dermal fillers haven’t been tested on pregnant women" for potential risks.

And you know what this means right? We're going to see Kylie's pre-pumped natural lips return for the first time in (what feels like a lifetime, but is actually only) a few years.

But then again, the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit creator could have access to non-harmful fillers us regular folks have never heard of.

4. Former Australian Idol winner appears in court over weapon and ice possession charges.

Kate DeAraugo performing in 2007 in Melbourne. (Image via Getty Image.)

Former Australian Idol winner Kate DeAraugo has told of her regret outside a Victorian court where she faced charges of alleged drug and weapons possession.

After a brief appearance at Bendigo Magistrates Court, on Wednesday morning she told reports, "Of course I am sorry."

The 31-year-old, who won Idol in 2005 and released her debut album A Place I’ve Never Been later the same year, was allegedly found with .41 grams of ice on June 10, Shepparton News reports.

Five days later, she was apprehended by police again and it was alleged that she was found to be carrying a trafficable amount of ice, plus a large knife and tomahawk.

Her barrister indicated she would plead guilty to the charges, with the case adjourned until November 15.

5. This anecdote about Chinese food proves Mariah Carey is absolutely not a diva. Apparently.

Forget everything you know about Mariah Carey. She is not a diva, okay? And this story from former Westlife singer Mark Feehily proves it.

You see, the pop icon once ate Chinese food while sitting on the floor. Crazy, we know.

The Irish singer told The Sun that they had gone to a friend's apartment after one of her performances.

"So we were sitting on the floor, eating our Chinese and drinking champagne in a flat in London, discussing what was going on on the telly and having a laugh.

"Her super stretch white limo was parked outside the block of flats. Next to all the other cars!

"To me that's a good example of who she is, the biggest selling female superstar of all time, a massive diva, she loves all the fabulous life of course but at same time she's very down to earth and not afraid to hang out in her mates flat and have a Chinese and a bit of a laugh."

Yep, the star of Mariah's World is just like the rest of us. Except for the whole dating billionaires, selling out stadiums and having her own reality show part.

Listen: We need to talk about 13 Reasons Why season two.