Biggest Loser contestant Sam has made some - ahem - big changes.

The Biggest Loser’s Sam is now starting as many fires as he is putting out…

In 2008, Sam Rouen entered The Biggest Loser, weighing in at 154kg. After losing an incredible 71 kg, Sam was crowned Australia’s Biggest Loser.

“It really just seems so long ago, I can’t imagine walking around and living in that body any more,” Sam told the Courier Mail of his pre-weight loss days.I’m addicted to working out now, I definitely love running and working out with my brother.”

“I play a bit of sport to stay in shape and also work out in the gym,” said Sam, and clearly it is working.

A big motivator for Sam’s lifestyle change was his desire to join the fire brigade, a dream he has now achieved.

Sam has achieved his dream of joining the fire brigade. (Image via Facebook)

Sam has recently knocked of a further five kilograms from his already svelt frame in preparation for a very special photoshoot.

Sam will feature in the 2016 Fire Fighter’s Calendar Australia. And for that, all we can really say is, thank you.

Yowza. (Image via Facebook)

Sam told the Courier Mail he was very lucky to have a supportive group of friends in high-school, when he was at his heaviest, but admits the boys at the fire-station have been quick to give Sam a bit of stick for taking his gear off.

Sam talks about his journey to become a fire fighter here:

“It’s worse now”, he says. “I’ve been getting a bit of a ribbing from the guys at the station, they’ve been calling me ‘calendar­ boy’ and stuff like that.”

But Sam doesn’t seem too worried, saying “it’s all in good fun.”

For more images from the calenda, be sure to check out this gallery. Trust us. You want to… (The post continues below…)

The calendar is supporting some very important causes, raising funds for the Children’s Hospital at Westmead and the Children’s Hospital Foundation’s burns units, as well as supporting Mates4Mates, a charity for returned soldiers.

Be sure to get your copy: HERE

From believing he would never make it to the fire brigade to becoming their literal ‘poster-boy,’ Sam’s transformation is inspiring.

“You can be at your lowest point and, with a bit of hard work and persistence, you can turn it around and fulfill your dreams.”

Well said, Sam.

P.s. Wow.

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