Sam Pang roasted everyone at the 2023 Logies. Now he's back.

Sam Pang will host the Logie Awards in August after taking on the role in 2023.

Viewers unanimously applauded the comedian's performance during the awards show last year after he delivered an unapologetic roast of Australian celebrities and personalities. 

"Hosting the Logies last year was an amazing experience and I'm thrilled to return in 2024," he shared in a statement about his return for the 2024 awards show.

"Adding to the excitement, Seven have also given me the green light to try new things this year so I'm really looking forward to displaying my underappreciated and severely undeveloped song and dance skills."

The highly anticipated event will be broadcast on Channel 7 on Sunday, August 18.

Ahead of the 2024 Logies, let's take a look at Sam Pang's life, including his memorable hosting gig.

Sam Pang's iconic 2023 Logie Awards speech. 

Pang was highly praised for his iconic speech at the 63rd annual TV Week Logie Awards in Sydney, where he delivered scathing remarks and backhanded compliments to a crowd of Australian A-listers.

Celebrities were not the only ones who received Pang's wrath — popular TV shows were in the firing line, too.

He opened with a nod to Channel 10 and Channel 7 (the Logies were previously streamed on Channel 9), saying, "I would like to acknowledge a win for diversity tonight. I am the first host in the history of the Logies to be half and half — half Channel 7 and half Channel 10.


"Let's be honest, it’s just great to have an Asian on Channel 7 who isn't trying to smuggle live birds through border security," Pang continued.

The TV host then took a moment to thank the other celebrities who "turned down the hosting gig", including Hamish Blake.

"I appreciate it, mate. Some of us have a mortgage," he said. "By the way, a mortgage is when the bank loans... Don't worry about it."

Pang also took aim at Karl Stefanovic: "[He] said yes, as long the show was held in a park in Noosa." The jibe referenced Stefanovic's very public feud with Michael Clarke.

The TV host also roasted a bunch of TV shows, including The Voice: "The Voice is nominated tonight, despite Peter Dutton's strong opposition to the nomination."

Then The Block: "The Block shows Australians what it is like to own their own home, making it the greatest fantasy series since Game of Thrones."

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here wasn't safe, either! "It is a wonderful show where we find out which Australian celebrities haven't been adding to their super. Hi Kerri-Anne!"

Pang also had personality Andy Lee in his sights, saying he was simply "mates with Hamish".

He also paid homage to Sunrise host David Koch, who he said "changed breakfast television forever. Warmth, humour, personality... you needed none of those."

Former Logies host Tom Gleeson got a mention too, of course.


"After being held on the Gold Coast for the last few years, the Logies returned to Sydney and many people won't know this," Pang explained, "but we had to make the move because last year on the Gold Coast, Tom Gleeson went outside during the day and caught on fire."

For more on Sam Pang's iconic Logies roast: 'I would like to welcome you to your last ever Logies.' All the stars Sam Pang targeted in his Logies speech.

Sam Pang's wife.

Pang is a very private celebrity, who chooses to keep much of his family life out of the public eye — and as such, not a lot is known about his wife, Adriana Pesavento, who is also known as Ann Pang and is thought to be Italian.

According to reports, the pair met while Pang was pursuing stand-up comedy. They then married around 2000-2001.

The 50-year-old comedian and radio/TV presenter, who was once a footy player for the Collingwood under-19s team, has never revealed much about his marriage, preferring to keep his private life, well, private.

Sam Pang's family.

Just as the comedian keeps details of his relationship under wraps, so too has he kept his family out of the spotlight. However, it is known that he and Adriana have a child together, Sienna Pang.

In 2012, Sam told The Sydney Morning Herald one of the best days of his life was the "day my daughter was born".

Feature Image: Channel 9.

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