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MAFS' Sam has shared the truth about his time on the show in a deleted Instagram post.

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After the Married At First Sight cheating scandal erupted (not Jess and Dan, the other one) Elizabeth Sobinoff dished on her former TV husband Sam Ball.

We listened in radio interviews as she claimed Sam was a different person off camera and spelled her name wrong in an apology text.

But despite Elizabeth staying quiet as of late, Sam decided now was the time to defend himself – via an Instagram Story. Obviously.

It appears it didn’t take him long to regret it, deleting it shortly after it was posted.

But the good people at Pedestrian thoughtfully jotted down Sam’s barbed message to Elizabeth and producers before it disappeared.

“I thought I signed up to meet the woman of my dreams… oh how mistaken I was,” the Sydney tradie wrote.

“You wasted the best three weeks of my life that I will never get back. You sucked the life out of me like a sponge.

mafs ines and sam
Did Sam forget he did this with Ines? Image: NineNow.

"I think I’ve done about five interviews in comparison to her 50 due to the simple fact that I have a life to live and don’t see the point of running someone down because obviously, she wants exposure."

And this is where we just need to butt in and point out that since appearing on the show Sam has gained representation by a model rep agency. Pot, have you met kettle?

Sam, however, said he now regrets going on the show. The 26-year-old also claimed that producers had a hand in making him out to be the bad guy - specifically that they requested him to be late to dinner parties.

"I didn’t think she would just keep going even now. I made a mistake going on the show," he said.

"I’ve sat back and just heard all the sh*t talk about the funeral and how apparently it wasn’t real.

"Nobody understands that I was forced to be late to dinner parties, the separate hotel I had to stay in so I didn’t run into other contestants, who I am as a person on and off the show etc."

We can see why he decided to delete the statement though - he's already felt the wrath of Married At First Sight bride.

After implying that their affair was fake, Sam was met with a very explicit rebuttal from Ines Basic.

Actually - maybe he just got confused about which ex had smeared his name recently.