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Before Sam body-shamed Elizabeth on MAFS, she said something that was just as offensive.

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Immediately after Married At First Sight groom Sam Ball was asked about his first impressions of his fake bride Elizabeth Sobinoff, certain conclusions were drawn – by us.

Namely, that Sam is a superficial 26-year-old with perhaps unrealistic expectations of what a fake wife of his should look like. (That’s the kindest way we can put it.)

In case you missed it, he uttered “I’ve never really dated girls, I guess, as big as Elizabeth in the past, to be honest” in voice-over comments taken from a private interview with producers.

Sam said Elizabeth was "not what I expected". Image: Nine.

"Maybe I'll get her running in the mornings or something, maybe drag her out of bed, I don't know, but she'll be right. We'll get her going! She'll be fine," he also said.

But it seems that in our flurry to respond to Sam's comments with harshly worded Tweets, Facebook comments or text messages to friends, we may have missed the words that came out of Elizabeth's mouth when she first saw the ceremony guests

Because um... it was just as offensive.

As Elizabeth is about to walk down the aisle, she can be heard saying aloud: "Does he look porky? He looks tubby."

She then quickly realises that the man she's looking at isn't her groom because he has his back to her, but suggests that she hopes her groom looks good.

"I've put all that trust into those experts, so they'd better have, like, looked after me."

So that happened.

Thankfully for Elizabeth, Sam was someone she found "handsome". Sam, meanwhile, thought his new bride had a "beautiful face", but wanted to get her exercising. 

Sam later told the Daily Telegraph that what he actually meant was he was used to dating fitness-focussed people and wanted to get Elizabeth involved in his active lifestyle. So all good then...

Maybe these two will work out after all.