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The message Sam sent Elizabeth immediately after they both exited MAFS.

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While Sunday night’s explosive episode of Married At First Sight is fresh in all our minds, it’s been months since the show was filmed.

So perhaps Sam Ball has needed this entire time to reflect and realise that maybe what he did to his on-screen wife Elizabeth Sobinoff was just a little bit… awful?

Because Elizabeth has shared on radio that only on Sunday did she finally receive an apology from the 26-year-old for having an affair with participant Ines Basic.

The 27-year-old told Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa on Monday morning that she received a direct message from her former fake husband on Instagram.

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“He was just like ‘Hey Lizzie’ and he didn’t even spell it right. He’s just like ‘I’m so sorry for everything’,” she told the hosts.

However, Liz wasn’t so sure that Sam had entirely taken responsibility for the hurt he caused her.

“And he kind of went ‘look what we’ve been put through’ – he wanted to put what we’ve been put through.”

Later during the interview, host Michael “Wippa” Wipfli read out Sam’s message.

“I didn’t mean to bother you, but I just wanted to touch base and see how your going. I want to be straight up. I’m sorry for my actions on the show. It was wrong and I’m disgusted at the way that I acted and how I behaved,” the message read.

“I feel sorry for anything that I said that may have offended you and how I hurt you and also hate how you’ve been portrayed through the editing.

“Taking part in the show has taken a huge toll on my life as I’m sure it has on yours and I hope you’re doing okay. You’re beautiful and strong and amazing.”

Liz, however, wasn’t convinced his apology was genuine and chose not to reply, saying it’s too late and also questioning why he would say sorry now.


She told the hosts she also received a message from Ines, that she had chosen not to open.

Sam and Ines' affair finally caught up to them in Sunday night's episode. Image: Nine.

They convinced her to check the message for the first time, but she decided not to read the message aloud. Wippa this time just gave the gist of what it said.

"It's kind of suggesting that she knew that Sam wasn't really behaving all that well. And it's praising you for being strong, and she's upset that you haven't spoken about it earlier."

Liz said that although text seemed to show a more "human side" to Ines, her experience with her on the show was "very different" and she wasn't quite sure what to think.

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