Sam Frost reveals the moment she knew that the winner of The Bachelorette was "the one".

Sam has been with her winning bloke for months, but can’t spoil the show…

As we head into the final week of The Bachelorette, Sam Frost has revealed the moments she knew she’d met “the one”.

Frost, who has already admitted that she is still with the man who receives her final rose, can’t wait for the rest of the world to know how happy they are together. She says that she’s in love with him, so that’s great too.

“I’m very happy and just so excited to be able to mention his name and go and get a coffee. It’s the small things I’m looking forward to,” Frost told Daily Telegraph.

In an attempt to not reveal too much information about her chosen man, Frost said that she came up with a cunning plan to stop her from accidentally revealing his name.

“I call him Roger. Even when I’m talking to him I’m like, ‘Rogey Dodge — how’s it going?’” she told Daily Telegraph.

“Roger’s the best, I love him.”

The thing is – Sam can’t give the game away. So she has described her “The One” moments with each of the three guys.

So, it’s more like: The moment that Sam knew she had met, “The Some”.

Anywa, Sam has shared her pro and con list on all of the three final men with Australia in the hope that we can work out who the final man, “Roger” may be. Get ready to break the Sam Fro-Code, everyone:

When asked about Sasha, Frost responded with:

“Sasha is caring and nurturing and honestly just wants the best for everyone. He’s very funny and one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. I find him fascinating.”

Frost even went as far as to say that she could definitely see herself with Sasha in the future.

The moment she thought he could be the one “was pretty much as soon as I first met him. We had instant chemistry and it was refreshing to be a bit nervous. He made me a little bit giddy.”

However Sasha almost didn’t even apply to be on the show.

“My mum nominated me in the first instance, I just didn’t want to do the show,” he told News Corp.

When it came to Michael, Sam particularly liked the way he made her feel when she is around him.


“I like that I can be myself with Michael and he’s got a really open mind. You have to go off a feeling and it’s a really awesome feeling when I’m with him. He ticks every box.”

It appears that the feeling is mutual with Michael telling the Herald Sun that, “I thought Sam was amazing, an amazing person in terms of looking after all the boys … because we could be quite a handful at times.”

However she does wonder how she would fit into his busy Brisbane life as she would like to continue moving forward with her career in Sydney.

“I was a little concerned about how I’d fit in to his life. I’m quite ambitious and driven and I want to look after my career in Sydney and Michael is based in Brisbane. You do try and figure out how that relationship would work.”

But when it comes to hot favourite Ritchie, all Sam could talk about was his lovely nature and the incredible characteristics.

Ritchie recently revealed that he actually applied to be The Bachelor, the role which went to Sam Wood.

“I think it was a great decision going with Sam,” he said.

“A couple of months after I missed out, they called me back up and said I seemed like a nice guy and they asked me if I wanted to go on The Bachelorette. I certainly ummed and aahed about it, it was a lot to think about,” he told the Herald Sun.

A highlight for Sam (and the viewers at home) was their single date together when they dressed up as their 80-year-old self, even claiming that it was her favourite single date of all time.

“Our ‘growing old’ date was just amazing. It was easily the best date of the series and we just laughed and laughed. He just shines so bright and he’s deserving of happiness because that’s what he brings to me.”

However, Ritchie’s lack of public affection is something that does bother Sam:

“Sometimes Richie can be a bit awkward and he did struggle with being affectionate sometimes. I found it quite endearing, but I did think, ‘Hopefully we can overcome this hurdle because you obviously have to be comfortable and intimate with your partner.”

With only a few days to go before all shall be revealed, we can’t wait to finally find out who “Roger” may be….although the name Roger isn’t too dissimilar to Ritchie. Just sayin’.

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