Sam Frost bravely opens up about her mental health.

Sam Frost has always been very open about her mum’s battle with depression, and now The Bachelorette has spoken about what she does to stay on top of her own mental health.

Frost admitted that her and her siblings all meet with professionals sometimes to talk through their feelings and stay in control of their mental health.

The 26-year-old also shared that she sees a psychologist to stay positive and healthy, in a bid to speak out about the stigma associated with mental health issues.

Sam Frost sees a psychologist. Image via @fro01 Instagram.

"I see a psychologist and chat to someone. All my siblings do because it's important for us," she told TV Week.

The Australian personality opened up about the fact that she's very aware of her mental health because she has family members who have suffered with mental health issues.

Last year Sam wrote on her blog about her mother's battle with anorexia and bulimia. She revealed that her mum battled through these after she split with Frost's dad. She was raising four children by herself.

Sam Frost and her mum. Image via @fro01 Instagram.

Frost said that her mum battled her issues alone because she was too scared about what other people would think if she told them.

"In a world where society are so quick to judge and put forward their ignorant opinions, it’s understandable why she kept her battles behind closed doors," Frost wrote.

The Bachelorette is shining light on mental illness in the hope that others won't feel like they have to suffer alone. She wants people to feel confident to tell someone, without the fear of judgement.

She believes it's time we opened the conversation about mental health and talked about seeking help more.

Have you ever battled with your mental health?