Sam Frost says being on The Bachelorette has left her even more confused about Blake Garvey.

She was left heartbroken after being proposed to and then dumped on last year’s The Bachelor, but now Sam Frost is in the driver’s seat as this year’s Bachelorette.

The 26-year-old admits that she’s fussy when it comes to men and she only kissed a few of the contestants on the show.

Sam Frost didn't kiss and tell though. Image via @fro01 Instagram.

“I’m quite selective with my tongue lashings,” Frost told Confidential on Nova radio.

She told them that there's nothing worse than a bad kisser who drools all over your face. So she was selective only kissing three or four men, out of the 14 contestants.

The show will premiere this Wednesday, and the Bachelorette says being in the drivers seat has given her no empathy for her ex-fiancee and former Bachelor, Blake Garvey. He proposed to her on the final episode of The Bachelor last year and then broke up with her for another contestant, but Frost says his actions make no sense.

In fact after being the Bachelorette, Frost is even more confused about Garvey's actions.

After being The Bachelorette she's even more confused. Image via @ten_insider Instagram.

"I don’t understand how someone could be that confused about their feelings...I was always sure of what I felt about the guys and was honest with them about that," she told the HeraldSun.

She admitted that she preferred the most recent Bachelor, Sam Wood.

The Australian personality has also admitted that there will be no proposal from her, so no engagement news as of yet.

Frost may have found a partner though. Even though she can't reveal whether she's found 'the one' yet, she did let a little hint slip out.

She may found a partner. Image via @fro01 Instagram.

“I felt an instant connection [with one bachelor] and quite a lot of chemistry,” she told Who Magazine.

Besides the men and love aspect, Frost said it was just an incredible experience and one she's really glad she had.

“What an amazing adventure — it’s a story I can tell my grandchildren," she told Who Magazine.

From the preview, who do you think will win her heart?

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