Not a huge State of Origin fan? Sam Frost feels your pain.

Tonight, pubs and loungerooms across Queensland and New South Wales (and other locations around the country) were filled with groups of people clustered around TV screens, watching the State of Origin’s second match.

Some were doing so on the edge of their couch, almost out of breath as they eagerly cheered on their favourite side.

And then there were others, like radio host Sam Frost, who were just in it for the pizza.

Listen: Please, don’t show us on-field images in slow-mo… (Post continues.)

On Instagram, the former Bachelorette summed up the feelings of thousands around the country who were watching the Origin… not necessarily by choice.

“Trying to think of an appropriate moment to mention… I don’t know anything about sport, I’m just here for the pizza,” she captioned an image of the rugby on a TV.

(Image via Instagram/fro01.)

We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

What were you doing on Wednesday night while the rugby was on?