Sam Frost defends herself after being skinny shamed by fans.

Australia’s first Bachelorette-turned-radio host, Sam Frost, has copped her fair share of negative (and unwarranted) press this year.

After taking a hiatus from social media following claims she had split with her partner of one year, Sasha Mielczarek (who she met on the show), she was swiftly body shamed by some ‘fans’ when she returned to the online world.

In a video posted on the Rove and Sam Instagram page, fans criticised the 27-year-old for her slender frame.

Dear Sun. Please come out & hang out with us. K thanks, Sam.

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“So skinny wtf” one fan wrote, while another commented, “eat something”.

Now, in a new interview with WHO magazine, Sam has spoken about the concern over her weight.

“I lose weight in summer because I’m doing more,” she told the magazine.

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“The same thing happened last year and the same thing happened next year.”

“I’ve always had a bony chest. My sister was nine months pregnant and still had a bony chest like me,” she said.

After a tough year, Sam has learned to take the criticism in her stride, and is well accustomed to the way she is treated by gossip sites and magazines.

“If they are not saying I’m engaged or Sash and I have broken up, I’m anorexic or going to get sacked from my job. That’s basically the gist,” she said.

And for the record – Sam and Sasha are still going strong, having celebrated their one year anniversary in July.

“We are great! But that’s really boring for the media. It was bizarre, the circumstances we met, but now we are like any normal couple!”