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Sam Frost is having sex every couple of hours. Someone send her some Ural (and Gatorade).

Sam Frost for the win!

If anyone was concerned that Bachelorette Sam Frost would be unlucky in love again, they can be assured that all is going well for Sam and her mystery man post-filming. It’s going very well, in fact.

We repeat: Very well.

The 26-year-old was pitched some very blunt questions from shock-jocks Kyle and Jackie O yesterday, and she didn’t hold back with her answers. When asked if she and her chosen suitor have been intimate, Sam told the duo that she and her beau have sex “a lot”.

The 26-year-old was pitched some very blunt questions from shock-jocks Kyle and Jackie O yesterday. (Image via Instagram)

How much is “a lot”, you ask?

Sam revealed that she and her partner have sex five, “sometimes six,” times a day. Yes, you read that right. Sometimes six. Times. A. DAY.

Sam put the friskiness down to it being “a new relationship”, admitting that it “gets a bit silly” between the two.

All this love-making must have taken place prior to the show airing, however, with the Bachelorette saying she hasn’t seen her new man since the season’s debut episode. In response to constant prodding that the final man standing will be Sasha, Sam kept her cool, “everyone keeps saying Sash – I just feel like saying you guys will be pleasantly surprised”.


Sam remained tight-lipped as to who has been keeping her so err, “busy”, telling the listeners, ‘I’m very, very happy!’

She isn’t the only Bachelor alumna who has gone on to find love. In case you missed the memo, Heather Maltman’s also got a “man friend”.

Towards the pointy end of this year’s season of The Bachelor, many of us were gunning for Heather Maltman to be the last girl standing. We pictured her and Sam Wood riding off into the sunset, donned in matching superhero onesies.


Who couldn’t love her awkward charm, her penchant for superheroes and her legendary father figure, Warwick?

But it wasn’t to be. Once Heather was plonked in The Friend Zone, there was no turning back, and everyone’s favourite actress had her heart broken on national television.

There were public cries for Heather to be the next Bachelorette, for her to be given another chance at finding reality TV love. We wanted to see a happy ending to Heather’s search for a soulmate. But those wishes seem to be in vain.

Because judging by Heather Maltman’s latest Instagram activity, she doesn’t need the help of Channel 10 — the 29-year-old has found herself a boyfriend in fellow filmmaker, Andrew Steele.

Heather captioned the photo “best man friend ever”. (Image via Instagram @Heather_Maltman)

That’s right. Heather’s got herself a man. And they wear cute matching animal onesies together.

Word broke that Heather had found a partner late last month, when she announced on The Project that her chances of being the Bachelorette were slim.

“I can’t say that I am (going to be the Bachelorette) because I may be seeing a human being.”

Heather and her “human being” of interest also made a public appearance together at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney last month.

This leaves the question: Who will be our next Bachelorette? Runner-up Lana? Longest Kiss Record Holder Nina? Angry With Producers Emily? Only time will tell.

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