Sam Frost reveals what she's banned Sasha Mielczarek from doing during sex.

If there’s one topic reality TV star turned radio host Sam Frost loves to talk about, it’s her sex life with Bachie-turned-boyfriend, Sasha Mielczarek.

First we heard about bonkgate, the festival of love making that occurred post The Bachelorette but pre-coming out as a couple. Inside, outside, every surface that could be used to get it on was consummated upon was, according to Frost.

Then there was Sasha’s hairy back sitch, in which Sam told the world that she’s taken over shaving duties from his mum since they began dating. Nawww, cute.

Sasha's back hair hidden away at Sunday night's Logies awards. Source: Instagram.

This time around though, 2Day FM listeners were treated to some more sex life deets, with Sam saying that she recently had to ban Sasha from speaking in a baby voice while they were between the sheets.

“So he does this voice," Frost began.

"It’s like a baby voice and he’s like, ‘Oh hello sweety darling," she continued, impersonating a baby.

"It is a little bit weird sometimes, especially when we are in the bedroom.”

Frost with her 2Day FM co-host Rove McManus. Source: Instagram.

Frost was open in admitting that while the pair both partake in some vomit inducing cutesy talk from time to time, it's the appearance of it during sex that she takes issue with.

“I’m attracted to a 31-year-old man, you know, not a child,” she said laughing.

Nipping the baby talk in the bud was easy, Frost told co-host Rove McManus. "I said, ‘oh, just one quick thing, I love you, don’t get out of the mood but we’re going to have to ban it from the bedroom. Sorry, no go!”

Boundaries... every relationship's got 'em, don't they?

We were a bit surprised by Sam's revelation. Sasha said he was a rose petals on the bed kinda guy. 

Video via Channel 10
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