Sam Frost shares her first photo with Sasha in almost two months, and he's looking very different.

After a short hiatus from social media, Sam Frost is back on Instagram (thank God).

Today, she’s shared her first photo of boyfriend Sasha in almost two months. And there’s something different about him that we can’t quite put our finger on…

Oh, wait. Yes we can. We can put our whole hand on it.

It’s the enormous moustache covering most of his face.

Although it could be misinterpreted as an ill-fated new fashion decision, it appears Sasha is taking part in Movember, an initiative where men grow facial hair to raise money for Prostate Cancer research.

Lucky it’s for a good cause, because it’s arguably NOT Sasha’s best look.

And, to be honest, if this is only a week in, we’re a little bit scared of what a whole month’s worth of mo is going to look like…

Watch Sam Frost shut down rumours about breaking up with Sasha. 

Video via 2DayFM
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