Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek share a friendly reminder that their relationship is as strong as ever.

‘Breakup rumours? What breakup rumours?’

That’s the message Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek sent to Australia this morning when the former Bachelorette was joined on-air by her boyfriend.

Just last week, Frost blasted New Idea magazine and deleted all her social media accounts after being plagued by claims she and Mielczarek had gone their separate ways.

While Frost’s breakfast show co-host Rove McManus was on sick leave, Mielczarek leapt at the opportunity to join his girlfriend on air, ‘auditioning’ for a place on the show by reading the entertainment news headlines.


“We have him on the line… Sash, babe, good morning!” the star greeted her boyfriend.

After Mielczarek’s rough read of the Scoopla headlines, Frost delivered her verdict: “Maybe we can get you in for some work experience.”

While we’re not sure if Mielczarek will have a permanent spot on our airwaves any time soon, the segment proves the pair are very much still together.

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