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Sam Frost says Michael wasn't the real runner-up on The Bachelorette.


Yesterday, former Bachelorette Sam Frost admitted that it was Richie, not Michael, who was her real runner-up in the competition.

She said she eliminated him in the penultimate show because it would have been too cruel to take him through to the final.

This admission left Michael a little peeved.

Michael Turnbull.

He told show-spoiler the Daily Mail: “Like Richie, I have feelings too. It wasn’t easy to read, and if that’s the truth, she should have let me go… I think she should have let me go as soon as she realised that I was not the guy for her.”

That’s all well and good, but Sam obviously had a big fat crush on winner Sasha as soon as she clapped eyes on him. What was she to do, dismiss all 13 other suitors?

Poor Michael told Sam that he loved her before she let him go.

What Mamamia reported earlier…

We loved Richie.

When Sam Frost said goodbye to Richie Strahan on The Bachelorette, our hearts broke for him.

“Don’t worry! There are plenty of women who would kill to date a gorgeous rope access technician like you!” we wanted to tell him.

Sam Frost was clearly emotional when she had to say goodbye to him, too, and she’s revealed that it wasn’t just because he’s quite attractive and very charming.

How could you say no to this face?

No, it was because he was actually her real runner up, not Michael Turnbull.

She told NW that the reason she chose Michael over Richie as runner-up was to spare his feelings.

She didn’t want to “take him through to the finale” she said, adding that she would have “struggled to let him down that way.”

“It was better he left when he did.”

Sam Frost with Richie, Sasha and Michael.

That’s all good and well, but what about poor Michael’s feelings?

She let him think he was in with a chance but clearly she’d chosen winner Sasha well before the finale.

Michael took his rejection by Sam graciously, and in her defense, she didn’t seem to find it any easier letting down Michael than she did Richie.

It seems like dating 14 guys at once isn’t quite the walk in the park we thought it was.

Bach boyz. Image via Instagram.

Richie and Michael are both still licking their wounds after their public rejections, hanging out with their Bachelorette bros and doing other bro-type things.

The big question now is: which one will be next on The Bachelor?