Sam Frost's first post since her digital detox is here. And it features a bum.

She’s returned to using the Instagram stories feature, and even spoken about how she awkwardly retagged all of her exes in her photos when she re-activated the app, and now, Sam Frost has posted her first official snap.

But it’s nothing like what we were expecting.

We were expecting a selfie...but that's not what we got. Image via Instagram.

We're not sure what we thought her first post-digital detox post was going to be, but if you'd said "a producer riding a mechanical bull while flashing the world" we would never have believed you.

"Guys, guys, guys, guys... This is our producer Codie on a mechanical bull for the first time," Frost captioned the post.

"It's legit the funniest thing I've ever seen...thanks for letting me share it!"

Listen: Mia Freedman interviews Sam Frost on her No Filter podcast. Post continues after audio...

Frost originally acknowledged the fact that she had been silent on Instagram for more than a month, writing that she was "breaking" her "digital detox with this gem" -- but this part was later deleted.

The video shows a very unprepared Codie being flung forward as the mechanical bull springs into motion, before her dress rides up for everyone to see. And not just for a second.

Before the bull ride got out of hand...Image via Instagram.

The breakfast radio host and former Bachelorette removed all traces of her social media in October.

Fed up with rumours that she had split with boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek, Frost said she didn't want her online presence to be the subject of tabloid fodder.

Last night ⭐️ @batyraus

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"I just decided to go on a digital detox...it’s tiring having to constantly defend your relationship because you haven’t posted a bloody photo on social media," she told fans on her radio show.

"Spoilers guys, when we’re actually spending time together we’re not thinking, ‘We should definitely get a picture to make sure people know we’re still together’."

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