Sam Frost has a message for the "jerk" who trolled her to her face.

It’s one thing to be trolled online, but to your face? That’s a whole other level of rude.

Earlier today, 2Day FM radio host Sam Frost responded to a woman whose cruel comments over the weekend left her angry and hurt.

The encounter began when the woman — described as a friend of boyfriend Sasha Mielcsarek — approached Frost to say she was a listener of the Rove and Sam show.

“Sasha’s friend said, ‘Oh hey, I listen to your show’,” the former Bachelorette star recalled.

“And I go, ‘Oh thank you so much, that’s really kind of you’ and she goes, ‘Oh, uh, no offence but I don’t listen for you.'”

The face says it all. Source: 2DayFM/Instagram.

Co-host Rove McManus jumped in to remark the woman should have simply left as soon as she approached.

“She should just walk away – she should just walk away at that point," he said.

Frost said she was too floored to say anything at the time.

However, she's since reflected on how she could have responded to the incident, suggesting, "Actually, that's really offensive. You mean that show that I put my entire heart and soul into – that I put a lot of time and effort and energy into – that show?"

Frost’s voice began to break as she continued. "Do you know how much effort I put into my work? It consumes my life," she said.

"You did not have to say that – you’re allowed to think it, sure, think it, but hey, don’t troll me to my face, especially when you’re my boyfriend’s friend. Jerk."

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A video excerpt of the show was posted to the Rove and Sam Instagram account.

Fans have leapt to the young host's defense with an outpouring of support.

"That's NOT a troll. That's just an ARSEHOLE!" One user said.

"She's probably jealous of you, take it as a compliment that she felt the need to go out of her way to put you down in that manner," another user said.

Featured image: 2day FM

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