Sam Frost hides two essentials in her bra - and Sasha is not impressed.

Image: Instagram (@Fr0o1)

It’s the secret women have been in on for years: as well as supporting your boobs, bras are also pretty handy for storing and carrying stuff in too.

Pockets? What pockets?

To prove the point, on the Sam and Rove radio show yesterday Sam Frost revealed that, like many of us, she’s a major fan of hoarding certain items in her bra (which we’re henceforth dubbing the “brocket”, FYI).

“Sometimes I don’t have pockets and I always carry this particular thing on me, always always, all the time,” she said.

As for exactly what that particular thing is… well, it’s not exactly common. While others use their bra to store keys or a phone, Frost reckons it’s the perfect holding place for a cotton tip. It might sound strange, but she’s actually got a rather clever reason for it.

Take a look at our mascara faces at their best. (Post continues after video.)

“I always keep a cotton tip in my bra. And it’s not for anything gross like your ears, but I always get makeup stuck in my eye so I always have to do a gentle jab to clean it up and then pop it back in,” she explained. Mascara goop, be gone!

Proving this is clearly a female thing, co-host Rove McManus was “speechless”, exclaiming, “But you’ve used that thing already! It’s got smudgy bits on it!”

Frost’s boyfriend and Bachelorette winner Sasha Mielczarek is no more impressed.

“He personally finds it a bit annoying because — we don’t want to paint a picture but, you know, it falls out and and he’s like, ‘Ah, why do you have that there? It’s annoying’,” Frost said. (Post continues after gallery.)

That’s not the only thing hiding in Frost’s bra, either. The 26-year-old said she sometimes mixes it up and hoards a piece of chewing gum in there.

“I’ll often keep a bit of chewie in there, just in case!” she said.

While we might pass on the chewing gum, there’s no denying her cotton tip, err, tip is rather clever — if we can make room with all the other bits and bobs (and boobs) we’ve got stored in there.

What do you put in your “brocket”?