Sam Frost's wonky leg confuses the trolls.

Terrible photoshopping or the best optical illusion we’ve ever seen?

As we’re gearing up towards the premiere of The Bachelorette Australia, Channel 10 have released a promo shot of Sam Frost to get people excited.

You can watch Sam talk about being the first Aussie Bachelorette in a video from The Project below. Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

It’s stunning, of course. There’s Sam Frost, in a totally not posed at all, completely candid photo, sitting on a hotel trolley while flicking through a magazine. Just your average photo, you’d think.

But there’s something about it that’s confusing everyone who looks at it for more than a split second; her leg.

One leg is visible – but it’s the wrong one. Is it a bad case of Photoshop? Is it an optical illusion? Or does Sam Frost have a particularly wonky foot that no one has noticed before?

Commenters can’t figure it out. Questions like “What’s happened to her leg?” and “Is it me or is her leg odd?” dominate the 200-something comments on her Instagram photo.

But there is a very simple explanation for her wonky leg, according to Sam.

“My legs are crossed, my left is over my right x” she commented.

Well, there you have it, guys. Optical illusion at best, awkward leg crossing at worst.

Click through the gallery below for more photos of Sam Frost – sans optical illusion.

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