Sam calls Bachie names on national TV. And we can think of so many worse ones.


*SPOILER ALERT – if you are in an Australian state that hasn’t finished screening tonight’s The Project tonight, you might not want to read this, yet.*


Bachie Blake and girl-he-proposed-to-then-dumped-after-six-weeks Sam were interviewed by Carrie Bickmore from  Channel Ten’s The Project tonight

We read about Sam’s side of the story in Woman’s Day. And now we’ve seen it with our own eyes.

And it looked like pain. Lots of pain.

Here’s what went down in Sam’s interview (You can read Bachelor Blake’s interview here):

On whether Sam expected the proposal:

“I was not expecting him to propose at all. I was really excited and happy but realistically I was like ‘Really, you want to propose? Ok.'”

On Blake saying that Sam was the love of his life:

“Yep, that’s what came out of his mouth.

“I’m quite confused to be honest. I thought that the time it felt very real and natural. I dunno, I feel a bit played a little bit.”

On Blake telling Carrie Bickmore that he still loves Sam:

“Well I don’t believe that for a second. I dunno if I should say that, but I dunno, I don’t believe that.

“After South Africa when he proposed to me, we stayed there for a couple of nights. And he was just a bit, you know, a bit emotional and a bit upset, so I just let him have his time and distance. And we were more like friends.

“We actually haven’t even hung out as a couple and given it a shot. He actually just dusted off his hands and said it’s done. And I’m like, ‘What’s done? You haven’t even tried’.”

We bet Holly’s pretty glad she chose netball right now.

On Blake calling the proposal off:

“I am so annoyed that he proposed and that’s what I said to him. When he called it off, I said ‘How dare you propose to me? How dare you take that moment away from me? Because I want to be engaged once and get married once and I want to believe in it and I feel like he kind of took that away from me and if he wasn’t sure we could have just had a crack at having a relationship but instead he made me feel like this was actually going to happen.


“I was very sad when he told me I cried for a long time and then I was angry I was like what the hell was that? And even watching the episodes and listening to him say I want a life partner. What a load of rubbish!”

On whether Blake broke the engagement off because there was someone else:

“I hope not, I really hope not. I dunno, that’s a question for Blake but yeah, that would make it a thousand times worse.”

On what happens to the engagement ring:

“Well Bunda has said that they’ll redesign it so I can still wear it.”

On whether Sam still loves Blake:

“Ummm, I think I feel quite numb about him at the moment. I can watch the show… and I just kind of go, ‘What a jackass’.”

They say there are two sides to every story… If you want to read what Blake said about why he called off the engagement, check out Blake’s interview with Carrie Bickmore here. 

Mamamia has given a bit of rolling coverage on The Bachelor since Blake proposed to Sam in the final episode on Thursday night. But only because there have been SO MANY SCANDALS, we didn’t have a choice.

The break-up. The cancelled interviews. The truth behind Bachie’s job (he’s the boss of all the strippers, basically).

Big thanks to The Project and the marvellous Carrie Bickmore.

Sam’s looking happy on Instagram, at least:

In other news, Osher Gunsberg makes his own podcasts, which are fun, interesting and you can listen to them while picturing his excellent Bachie hair. Check them out here.