Sam Frost addresses rumours she's expecting a baby with Sasha Mielczarek on live radio.

For anyone out there wondering, Sam Frost is not pregnant and she’s happy for everyone to know.

Taking to the airwaves of her popular radio show on Tuesday, the former Bachelorette told co-host Rove McManus and listeners to ignore the pregnancy rumour story that had been published in NW magazine’s latest issue.

Rove and Sam on the air. Source: Instagram.

The story - titled 'Sam's Baby Shock' - was based off a "source close to Frost" who told the magazine that the 26-year-old and her boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek "probably wouldn’t have expected it to happen so soon ... but you can’t always plan these things. Sam and Sash are for real, (and) I wouldn’t be surprised if she was pregnant — it’s totally not out of the question. They know what they’ve got is going to be forever.”

But planned or unplanned, a baby is a card that's currently not on the table according to Frost.

Sam and Sasha. Source: Instagram

Having begun dating following the 2015 season of The Bachelorette, Frost and Mielczarek are still living in different cities, commuting to be with one another on weekends.

And while they appear to be stronger and more in love than ever, it's obvious that any pitter pattering we may be hearing at the moment are just that of their dog, Rocky.

Family of three. Source: Instagram.

Clearly fuming from the story and the legitimacy of the source itself, Frost said on air, “There is one thing that is true about it, I would be a pretty badass mum. But I’m not pregnant.”

There's definitely no denying that.

Strip-a-grams first, babies second...

Video via Sam Frost