Sam Frost opens up about her health scare following an abnormal pap smear.

Sam Frost has shared an important health message with Australian women following an abnormal pap smear.

The radio star confirmed this morning that while there’s nothing to be worried about, she is headed in to surgery today to have a group of pre-cancerous cells removed.

While explaining the problem, she took the opportunity to remind Rove & Sam listeners that there are two types of pap smears: the kind that tests for STIs, and the kind that tests for pre-cancerous and cancerous cells.

Sam reminded everyone that’s important to get both types done to look after yourself – and of course, the longer you leave it, the more risky it can be.

Watch Sam’s message here:

Video via 2DayFM

“If you don’t catch it at this stage it can advance to scarier things,” Sam said.

“Go to the doctors and get a pap smear. I know so many of my friends that put them off. It’s a really common thing and easily treated.”

We’re wishing Sam a quick recovery from her procedure today – and, more importantly, we’re 100% behind her message.

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