Thought Sam Frost’s Logies dress looked familiar? That’s because you’ve seen it before.

If you were watching the red carpet last night and scratching your head trying to remember where on earth you’d seen Sam Frost‘s billowing gown before, you’re not alone.

It’s likely you’ve seen it on the super famous mum, model, wife of John Legend and all-round TOTAL LADY BOSS, Chrissy Teigen. It turns out the Hollywood über celeb was donned in the exact same polka-dotted Steven Khalil creation on this February’s cover of InStyle Australia. And, in news that will shock absolutely no one, she looked positively freakin’ radiant.

The lead up to last night's awards ceremony was frantic to say the very least for designer, Steven Khalil, who dressed a number of Aussie celebs.

Creating custom gowns for Home and Away actresses Pia Miller and Demi Harman, Khalil also dressed Gold Logie nominee Essie Davis, The Hiding's Olivia De Jonge and, of course, Sam Frost.

Mamamia were on the red carpet last night, saving the celebs one pair of knickers at a time. Post continues after video...

“Because the nominations only come out a month or two in advance, we’re usually working around the clock. One gown can take from 60 to 80 hours to make,” he told


“Generally, we lend the gowns out,” he said. “It’s a known thing that designers do all the time and we’re happy to do it because it makes the brand more desirable.

“For people who love Pia Miller and follow her, the minute she wears our brand it becomes desirable for them,” he explained to the publication.

Meanwhile, opinion on Frost's frock seemed to be divided, with some commenting that the reality TV star was "not so formal" and "didn't quite match her beau Sasha's black tie attire".

What did you think of Sam Frost's dress?

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