Sam's last word: "As soon as the show finished, Blake was cold."

You know what?

Sam Frost is an absolute legend.

In our 20-minute phone chat, she was energetic, honest and bubbly, even though she’s been asked the same questions for the last week straight. Sam made me laugh so hard I snorted. And she laughs at herself, at her ‘naivety’, and at her five-second engagement.

She’s had a more publicised break-up than Brad and Jen, and she’s come out smiling. Sam Frost just won.


Lucy: How you feeling?! Exhausted?

Sam: Yep! I’ll be sleeping for a week soon! I’ve even lost my voice a bit.

Lucy: You’ve actually lost your voice from having to talk about your ex-fiancée so much?

Sam: (Laughing) I have! It’s crazy, I know! Today’s the last day of media so I will sleep for a really long time.

Lucy: So, Sam.You go through a break up, and then just have to talk about it non-stop in front of the nation. How you doing?

Sam: It’s so crazy. Actually, you know what? I think the timing worked out quite well. Obviously it was awful, but in terms of being able to speak about it it’s been good timing. When it happened, I pretty much hid under my doona and cried for a week, but once the story broke I had to talk about it, and now I’m ready to put it all behind me and move forward.

Lucy: Before we get to the break-up, I have a few questions about the actual show. Did you ever get bored in the Bach house?

Sam: YES! We got so bored. Out of brains. Seriously, we would just make up games and talk rubbish, and eat a lot. We gained a lot of weight!

Lucy: In the house you are in a Bachie bubble, obviously. Did you ever question your feelings for Blake? Did you wonder if you
actually liked him, or it was just because he’s the one put into the role of ‘Bachelor’?

Sam: Oh absolutely. We would… well, I would have conversations with the girls all the time about that. We would constantly question what’s real and what’s not, whether or not we had feelings for the guy… all emotions are so heightened. I personally struggled the most with trusting the process and just remembering that everyone was looking after my best intentions.

Lucy: Do you still think they were looking after your best intentions?

Sam: Absolutely. I absolutely think that. The production team have been amazing. Even in post-production I had a lot of the production team and the crew touching base and checking in with me and making sure I’m alright. They were great.

Lucy: Tell me about lockdown. Where are you? Who’s there? What are the rules?

Sam: There’s no contact with the outside world, both during house and in the hotel afterwards. No phones, no internet, no friends or family, nothing. Absolutely nothing. That’s the most difficult thing of the process.

Lucy: For four whole months?

Sam: Yep.

Lucy: You must have felt reborn afterwards.

Sam: (Laughing) I tell you what, when I got out I was glued to my phone. I’d missed all the news. I just kept thinking ‘this is amazing’.

Lucy: How did you feel watching the shows? What was it like to watch the show back and see Blake with the other women – knowing you were looking to marry this man?

Sam: At first I felt alright, really. I was actually watching it as a viewer and I couldn’t stop thinking it was really entertaining! I was all: ‘How good’s Laurina?! How good’s Amber?”. But when the real emotions started developing, it was harder. It was bringing me back to that place where it was all happening and that was a tad tricky knowing that the relationship had ended.

Lucy: We can tell how great the friendship between the girls still is. I’m curious… when you get together, do you bitch about Blake much?

Sam: (Laughing) NO! No way, we definitely don’t. We just talk about normal friend stuff! And that’s what we were like in the house too. It really didn’t just revolve around Blake and dates. When we catch up it’s all stories and every day life and just hanging out with friends. And I adore my old girlfriends, there is no one who has been better since it all happened, but it’s also comforting to be around people who have been through what you’ve been through like the Bach girls.

Lucy: Having watched Blake in interviews and after the whole break-up drama, do you question everything he said to you in the house?

Sam: Absolutely yeah. It’s disappointing. I’ve said it a couple times in interviews because people often say their two cents about me, that I’m just dumb for having fallen for it, and you know what? I was. I was completely naive. But I truly believed in us, and I believe in falling in love, and my emotions were very real. Watching it back I do question Blake but I like to hope that he was completely real. Just for my own bloody sanity!

Lucy: We know from interviews that after South Africa, you guys Skyped and saw each other once or twice. How was that? A bit awkward? 

Sam: I was quite comfortable. I knew I had stayed true to myself and I felt like I was  always comfortable around him. But he was very confused and emotionally confused and he really just switched off. We weren’t on the same page. I gave him the space to process it all and get his head around it. I totally understood that it’d been a crazy few months and that he was invested in other women but I just thought that it was all going to be okay when when we were able to be together.

Lucy: What did he say when he broke it off?

Sam: He kind of danced around it a bit and he was talking in riddles. I was quite confused, I didn’t know where he was going with it. I thought maybe he wanted to just call off the engagement and just try having a normal relationship, but he was completely ‘”Nup, out of the question”. He just wanted a clear break.

Lucy: We only saw an edited version of your dates. Was he sweet to you when the cameras weren’t rolling? Did he give you a reason to believe it really was love?Sam: Yeah, that’s the thing that I struggle to get my head around. On the show for four months he was exactly that person, he was affectionate, he was loving, he was very much a person who I assumed I was in relationship with. But as soon as the show finished he was very cold and switched off.

Lucy: Do you feel like you’re not getting the whole story from him? Do you want some closure?

Sam: Yeah, look I was asking him all these questions and speaking to him after he broke up with me, asking ‘Why? That’s all I wanna know!’ but now I’m so tired of it all that I just want to put it behind me!

Lucy: The ‘Bachelorette’ spin-off question. You said you’d think about it, but is there any other girl you’d like to have her own season?

Sam: I’d love Lisa to be a Bachelorette. I love that girl, she is an absolute superstar. And Laurina would be absolutely hilarious. It might be a short show though, she knows what she wants!

Lucy: So… did you ever happen to read one of Rosie’s Bachie Reviews? 

Sam: Can I just say, that woman is a f*cking legend. I thought it was the funniest thing. I would actually watch the shows with the girls sometimes and all I would want to do is read the recaps. I’d be with the Bach girls, and we’d all gather round and read it aloud. And I couldn’t get through without dying of laughter. And then she favourited my Tweet and I thought “Oh my God, my life is complete.”

Lucy: So. what’s next for you?

Sam: I actually have no idea. This is the last of the media stuff, so I’m kind of just riding the wave.

Lucy: Have you thought about going into media yourself?

Sam: A lot of people have asked that! Well, I love talking and it would be brilliant to be paid for it. But I just like to have an open mentality and have my expectations low so anything can happen.

Your loss, Blake. Your loss.