Sam Frost thinks Georgia has probably already chosen.

Something extraordinary happened to Georgia Love this week.

And there’s only one person in the country who knows exactly what being The Bachelorette is really like.

And she has been into Mamamia’s podcast cupboard to talk to Mia Freedman.

Sam Frost didn’t hold back. She told Mia why she signed up for The Bachelor in the first place, how Blake Garvey broke up with her (in front of a publicist and the producer) and how she knew the minute she met her pick on The Bachelorette, the contest was over. It seems you can’t fake chemistry.

Listen to her telling Mia about being publicly dumped: 

Sam Frost, back in 2013, was doing the same thing every day, had come out of a long-term relationship and wanted to ‘shake things up’.

She “won” that show, of course and the rest is TV folklore. This is how she describes it.

“It was with the Executive Producer of the show and the publicist… I think he had thought he’d made it very clear, but he hadn’t.” She told Mia. “Our publicist literally said – ‘What are you trying to say? Are you breaking up with Sam? What is going on?’ And then they looked at me and said ‘Sam – what is going on?’ And I go – ‘I dunno, don’t look at me. I’m not the one talking.'”

What happened next was a very public breakup. A lot of interview requests. And Blake admitting that he was in love with Louise Pillage, the woman who had come third on the show.

Sam was left humiliated. So much so that she said she has shifted that whole year away from her: “It’s hard for me to even recall how I was thinking, because I feel so removed from that person.” she says.

Sam Frost as the 2015 Bachelorette. Source: Channel 10.

But one positive thing did come out of that. Australia fell in love with her honesty,  and she was asked to be our very first Bachelorette.

At first, she said no. She wanted time to breathe.

But then the opportunity kept presenting itself. So she took it as a sign.

“They just weren’t taking no for an answer really, and it kept presenting itself and presenting itself - and then I felt that the universe wasn’t going to keep presenting itself to me if he wasn't going to be there.” Sam said to Mia.

‘It's one of the most unique experiences... you kind of can't figure it out until you are in it.’ 

And she warns Georgia Love that she will probably have to spend most of the series faking it, because she knew, the minute she met Sasha, that he was the man she was waiting for. 

“I felt it straight away with Sash - and I turned into a nervous wreck.”

Be warned, Georgia. Nerves are your friend.

To hear the full interview, where Sam talks about bullying, body image and life with Sasha, listen here, or subscribe in iTunes.

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