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Why is Sam Frost expected to move to Perth if she wants to be with Richie?

“So, how do you feel about moving to Perth?”

Um… excuse me?

Thursday’s episode of The Bachelorette was home visits time. Our girl Sam Frost made her way to the hometowns of each of the four remaining suitors to meet their families.

The Sydney girl went to Brisbane with realtor soccer player Michael, Avoca with Englishman Alex (the budget didn’t stretch to a UK visit), Bowral with Sasha and Perth with Richie.

Sam and Richie at his family home in Perth.

During The Bachelor, one of the considerations of the women was the fact that Sam Wood has a life and business in Melbourne, and that a relationship with him would involve interstate visits or a move.

That same concern doesn’t seem to have crossed the minds of the male suitors of The Bachelorette, or even Sam herself.

On her visit to Perth to make nice with Richie’s family, he surprised her by making her meet not just his mother and sister, but his three best mates.

That’s a lot of names for one girl to remember.

So after a drink or two, Sam was invited with the womenfolk to the kitchen to participate in the salad-making ritual.

It was there that Richie’s mum made some inquiries.

“If you and him… move along, are you that close to your family that you wouldn’t be able to leave them?” she asked.

“If it works then it works and if it was really important to Richie for me to be here then I would,” she responded.

She might have just been being diplomatic when speaking to his mother, but where did this come from?

Say what?

She should have responded, “Well, how do you feel about visiting Richie in Sydney, where I have a life and a career [not that anyone ever asks me about that]?”

For his part, Richie gushed about how glad he was to be home on Western soil — he clearly doesn’t relish the idea of moving to Sydney.

Surely, though, you can be a window cleaner rope access technician anywhere? We’ve got loads of windows in Sydney.

What we want to know is, how come everyone’s expecting Sam Frost to up and move to Perth, but no one even broached the subject with Sam Wood?

If these guys are so serious about Sam, then they should be the ones to make the move. In fact, she should make that a stipulation of the relationship and withhold roses from anyone who does not comply.

That’ll sort the men from the boys.

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