Sam Frost reveals she was handcuffed as a child.

Sam Frost has made another unusual reveal this week, this time it’s about her childhood.

On her radio show, Rove and Sam, Frost revealed that when she was a child, her brothers would handcuff her and her sister to parts of the house when their mother had gone out.

“What my brothers used to do is, they used to have these handcuffs and they would handcuff myself to the laundry – the pipes in the washing machine – and I would just stay there the whole time.” She said.

“My sister would get handcuffed to the bunk bed. So the boys could just run around and be hooligans.”

Sam Frost and her family. Source: Instagram.

The reveal was part of a segment where co-host Rove McManus invited callers to share tales of their siblings being 'jerks'.

Frost's mother was apparently none-the-wiser until one day she returned to find her daughter handcuffed to the washing machine.

"One time mum did come home and I was handcuffed to the pipes in the washing machine in the laundry and mum's like, "Sam, what on earth is going on?" and I'm like, "Mum, this always happens"." Frost said.

Sam Frost and her mother. Source: Instagram.

The prank was said to have gone too far when her brothers handcuffed her sister Kristine to a chair on the front lawn.

Kristine was said to have caught the attention of the local children who decided to take advantage of her predicament.

"And then these kids rode past on their bikes and thought, "Oh, that's weird" but then they came back with water bombs and started water bombing my sister." Frost said.

The tidbit has come after Frost revealed earlier this week that she'd had outdoor sex with Sasha Mielczarek during the filming of The Bachelorette. 

The outdoor escapades were said to have disobeyed the orders of the production crew who were concerned they'd be seen by more than the birds and the bees.

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