"It was time for the locks to lighten up." Sam Frost farewells her The Bachelorette-hair.

Image: Instagram (@fro01).

She changes her hair as often as she’s handed out roses, so we knew it was only a matter of time before Sam Frost headed to the hairdresser’s chair again.

It was time for the locks to lighten up, huge thank you to the lovely Steph at@salontwosixsix ??? you’re an absolute gem! Xx #cutandcolour#bronde,” she wrote on Instagram.

Image: Instagram (@fro01)

With typical Frost humour, she also added "Side note; my dog looks like a grumpy old man."

Rocking slightly shorter just-past-shoulder-length-hair and a soft light blonde ombre colour, the radio host is the latest celeb to join the bronde brigade, following in the footsteps of Blake Lively, Chrissy Teigen and Sarah Jessica Parker.

While any hair change has it's fans and critics, it was a giant thumbs up from her followers. (Post continues after gallery.)

"Looks great, love your hair lighter," wrote emj1978, while sarajezebella agreed: " Definitely love your look with lighter hair - you suit blonde, brings out the pretty blue in your eyes."

How delightful.

It's a lighter and brighter update to the brown-toned balayage she's had since finishing filming The Bachelorette, an experience she recently revealed had left her hair "damaged and scrappy". (WATCH: Sam Frost opens up about her top deck mullet. Post continues after video.)

"I've got a bit of a mullet happening though as my hair got so damaged during The Bachelorette," she said in a recent Sam and Rove live chat.

"I used to have really long, luscious hair which was natural, then from all the styling - I would get my hair styled four times a day with hot tongs -  and it's all broken. It's just a mess... I'm a bit self conscious about how my scrappy my hair is looking at the moment."

What do you think of Frost's new hair?