Sam Frost perfectly handled what could have been a very awkward dinner party.

Not that we needed another reason to love her, but once again Sam Frost has shown the world why she’s so bloody excellent.

Proving that she really is the Switzerland of friendships, the former bachelorette and radio host has risen above the often precarious politics of friendship and dating once more.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, Frost shared snaps of herself having a night out with her siblings, boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek, former Bachelorette contestant and vyer-of-her-affections Dave Billsborrow and his new girlfriend, Cortnee Spessot.

Sam Frost with family and friends. Source: Instagram.

If it wasn't awkward enough that Billsborrow competed for Frost's heart on national television last year, there's another layer to this dinner party serving.

After being voted off the 2015 series of The Bachelorette, Billsborrow went on to date Frost's friend and house mate, Sara-Mae Amey. The pair dated for several months but eventually parted ways in April.

Billsborrow, Frost and Mielczarek. Source: Instagram.

But despite the complex inner workings that is dating, Frost, Mielczarek and Billsborrow prove that with a little bit of adult behaviour and good senses of humour, you can get through anything.

"Happy one year anniversary @dave_billsborrow!" Mielczarek wrote in an Instagram post, continuing, "It's been just over a year since I met your ugly melon but I feel very fortunate at the same time! You're a good man".

Billsborrow and Mielczarek loving each other sick since 2015. Source: Instagram.


Billsborrow also shared a snap of himself with the loved up pair alongside the caption, "Catching up with these 2 your [sic] not short of a laugh and a good time.. Funniest dinner ever."

And to keep things even, Frost shared a table shot of everyone together, writing "So excited to have my family in Sydney. Dinner date with my favourite people!"

Mielczarek also shared this shot of himself with Frost from the night. Source: Instagram.

Amey meanwhile, seems to be enjoying herself in Bali and having the time of her life. So all's well that ends well, really.

Food, alcohol, groups of people and positive social media shares - is the the new recipe for breakup management? If so, it sounds pretty good to us.

Remember when Sam and Sasha fell in love and the heart of a nation melted?