Sam Frost just had an all-too-relatable fake tanning accident.

As natural tans begin fading like the long summer days which bore them, Aussies are reaching for the fake stuff, which can either end in a year-long ethereal glow or… disaster.

Unfortunately for Sam Frost, her quest for sun-kissed perfection has ended in the latter, with the radio host’s latest Instagram story showcasing an unenviable fake tan fail.

Source: Instagram

"So I kinda fell asleep curled up in a ball and now have a hand print," the 27-year-old captioned a photo of her freshly tanned chest marred by some big ol' finger marks.


Thankfully, Frost is in good company. Last year, Chrissy Teigen's own post-tan nap fiasco left her with a funky orange print on her white bed sheets.

Source: Snapchat

The two gaffes are essentially proof that celebrity or not, having a good kip is always more important than your beauty.

Or bed linen.

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