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Sam from The Bachelor makes a very important $58,000 decision.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Especially when you’ve had your heart broken and you decide your engagement ring is worth a fat stack when you sell it.

Former Bachelorette Sam Frost is selling that big ‘ol rock she won on The Bachelor (before being unceremoniously dumped for the second runner up) and the Bunda bling could be yours. That’s right, yours to own.

25-year-old Sydneysider, Sam is sick of that ring burning a hole in her safe and announced on her blog today that she’s decided to offload it. For lots and lots of lovely money.

Sam and her soon to be ex-ring

With no desire to hang onto the item as a momento of her time on the show, Sam says she contemplated what to do and consulted with a girlfriend before deciding to sell.

“It’s time to get this thing out of my life because as much as I love good jokes, this is one I’d rather forget,” she says.

The Bachelor’s Sam on how the infamous break-up actually happened.

Hand selected for Sam by that love rat Blake Garvey himself, the 3 carat Bunda diamond is worth a cool $58,000.

At current prices, that is enough to buy Sam 14,871 #dirtystreetpies. With sauce.

Mamamia contacted Bunda for comment but are yet to hear back from Bunda Headquarters. They’ve previously said the jilted Sam was free to do as she pleased with the prized possession. Frost says the ring may soon find it’s way to ebay, where the hardly-worn item should fetch a shiny price.

As for the profits, Sam says keeping all the money for herself would be ‘selfish’.  She’s gonna make like Oprah and give a big arse donation to charity.

Just not before she takes care of some other business. Like her credit card bill.  And parking fines.

But Sam, you do whatever you like with that money.  You earned it.

Sam’s last word: “As soon as the show finished, Blake was cold.”

Oh Sam.  Still bringing the LOL’s.

Speculation about the first Australian season of The Bachelorette is rife with the straight-talking pocket rocket, Sam believed to be shortlisted to star.

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