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Exclusive: The Bachelor's winning bachelorette Sam Frost has a new bloke.

What does one do once they’ve been dumped on national TV by a #dirtystreetpie?

Sell the ring? Check.  Move cities? Check. Get a new hotter and better boyfriend? Yep. Bazinga.

Jilted Bachelor winner Sam Frost has a new bloke in her life and he’s basically awesome. Firstly,  he looks like a model. Secondly, he plays AFL. Thirdly, he rocks a handlebar mo despite it not being even remotely near November.

Blue Steel on the beach

Who is he?

Dane Rampe. Sydney Swans footballer. It’s the first confirmed boyfriend for the blonde who has been linked with other men since she was unceremoniously dumped by Bachie Blake.

Sam calls Bachie names on national TV. And we can think of so many worse ones.

The 25-year-old, who announced yesterday she is selling the $58,000 ring she won on the show, was excited to reveal her new love interest exclusively to Mamamia overnight.

“It’s new and fresh and it’s really great” she says. “He’s got the sickest moustache and he’s the coolest dude on the planet.”

“He’s a bit weird. And I’m a bit weird. So it’s good.”

The pair, who met through friends, have kept the news under wraps and been careful not to be sighted pashing anywhere there are cameras around. A little different to Sam’s last nationally televised relationship.

We know how that ended last time.

But back to DANE. He has a brother, a very spunky looking brother who we suggest might look cute with runner-up, Lisa.


A possible date for Lisa, Sam? #wingman #wing woman

He wears vintage duds like it’s nobody’s business:

Cheers to a man who can rock a 90’s parachute jacket

He’s travelled widely, and is a MASTER of the thoughtful tourist shot:

I think he’s trying to say something

And he looks like the kind of guy that when Sam drops a mint down her dress, he goes looking for it with her.

Because he’s cool like that.

The kind of guy that can roll with ballerinas.

The 24-year-old, who at 189cm would tower over the petite blonde, has played two seasons as a defender with the Swans.  In his first year he won the clubs rising star award. And last year he was a crucial part of their defence line. In case you cared about that part.


The part we like, though, is before his AFL debut this guy played for three years in Melbourne. Sam’s home town.  So we can’t help but wonder – could they have laid eyes on each other in the past?  In a cafe? On the street? In some dim city nightclub?

Paint skills from our author.

The news sent the Mamamia HQ into a frenzy of brainstorming for a celebrity hyphenated name for the pair. It has not yielded a conclusion as yet, with with suggestions ranging from “Sampe”, “Frampe”, “Frost-ramp” and Dr. Frost (his initials are D.R….).

Sam, who admits she was “kinda” a Hawthorn supporter, has decided to switch teams to support her man in his Swanning about.  She’ll be donning the Swans beanie come winter. Which is excellent, because the girl has good beanie game and we think she’d look great in red.

Also, we can’t wait for her and Buddy Franklin’s missus Jesinta Campbell to just start WAGging it up on game day.  #besties

Until then, the former Melburnian is settling into her new Sydney digs.  She’s coy about any work on the horison, saying she’s “exploring new opportunities.” What does that mean, Sam? Is “opportunity” code for “Dane’s torso?” We hope so.  One thing is for sure though – all this dating news means the chances of her hosting any rose ceremonies as the star of The Bachelorette are slim.

Guess who has been shortlisted as next year’s “The Bachelorette”?

While she’s still in touch with her former Bachie housemates, she says she hasn’t heard a peep from strip-boss Blake Garvey and his new love Louise.

“I prefer it that way,” she says.

“I’m forever known as ‘Sam from The Bachelor that got dumped’.  It’s time to let it go. Move forward.”

Yes, Sam.  Congratulations. Lace up those boots and move into the forward lines of your love. On the field of life.

And may your new bloke defend you as well as he defends that football.

Since these two have been careful about being photographed, we don’t have any images of them together. That hasn’t stopped us. We present for your viewing pleasure: a gallery of their love journey.