The Father's Day story so moving, it brought Sam Frost to tears live on air.

With Father’s Day sneaking up on us, Rove and Sam decided to dedicate one of their segments yesterday to dads — throwing a little competition in there for good measure.

Committed to finding the biggest legend of fathers amongst their listeners, the duo tumbled upon one story that had Sam in tears before the story had been told in full — while Rove entered a fit of laughter at his co-host’s tsunami of emotion.

The caller, Krystal, told Rove and Sam the best memory she had of her father being a wonderful dad dated back to when she was 17.

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“When I’d just started uni I was 17 and I signed up for a fieldwork class in New Zealand and I was scared of flying so he came over with me. He waited there for two weeks in a hotel near the airport and flew back with me when I was done,” she said.

Between sobs, Frost managed to explain how beautiful she felt the story was.

“That’s so sweet. Sorry guys, it’s a really sweet story,” she said.

Krystal’s story not only brought upon tears, but won her $1000 to put towards a Father’s Day present.

“I think it’s safe to say, Sam, Krystal’s dad flying to New Zealand for two weeks, just hanging out at a hotel until she needed to come back, it touched your heart. That’s a legend,” Rove said.

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