Sam Frost had a massive fan girl moment on radio this morning.

“He is good looking and he is funny and a bit of a larrikin.”

Sam Frost grew up in the era of Hollywood heartthrobs such as a young Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, and Hanson (she sung MMMBop live on air. It was magical).

Watch the magic here:

Video via Rove and Sam.

But as a girl, Sam didn’t have eyes for them. Her childhood crush was Larry Emdur and this morning she interviewed him live on air.


Yes, the man on the left is Sam’s ultimate crush. Image via Instagram.

“I was so in love with Larry Emdur when I was a kid,” Sam said in a recording, which was later played on air, to her immense embarrassment.

“He is good looking and he is funny and a bit of a larrikin,” Sam continued. In the studio, Larry was understandably amused, and asked, “Why won’t you look at me now?”

Watch Sam and Larry here:

Can you imagine how daunting it would be to sit in the same room as the man of your (childhood) dreams with him knowing that? Luckily, Sam had some practice. Rove and Sam appeared on the Channel Seven Morning Show on Tuesday, with Larry and his co-host Kylie Gillies, where Sam got some of the fan girling out of her system. Sam said the Morning Show hosts were “inspiring”, and added, “You slowly but surely got a rhythm and now you guys are amazing.”

Larry Emdur and Morning Show co-host, Kylie Gillies. Image via Instagram.

While Sam and her Bachelorette winner Sasha appear to be sickeningly happy, you’re never too old to get butterflies over the person you crushed on when you were a kid. And being the type of person Sam is, we knew she wouldn’t try to hide it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to contact Shane West’s people, to check whether he’s still alive, and then bombard him with my undying love.