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Sam Frost went man-shopping at the Cleo Bachelor of the Year awards last year.

Sam Frost went man-shopping.

If you’re an eligible lady about town, and you’re about to embark on a televised journey to find your dream man, you’d want to ensure that at least a few of your suitors were up to scratch, right?

Sam Frost is no fool. Our first Bachelorette got dumped by a Barry-White-voiced love rat and she was not about to risk that kind of bullshit happening again.

That’s why she turned up at the 2014 Cleo Bachelor of the Year party.

Here’s Sam at the party with someone apparently called Tully Smyth. Image via Instagram.

Savvy Sam let Cleo whittle things down for her, then took her pick of the nominees.

At least, that’s our theory. How else did two of that year’s most eligible men end up among her 14 suitors on The Bachelorette?

Richie and Dave the plumber were both nominees in the competition last year.

We’re onto her. Sam Frost went man shopping.

Notice her sensible black pants and white shirt ensemble? Everyone knows you don’t dress fancy when you’re on the hunt for something.

Even handpicked bachelors can go wrong, though.

Dave the plumber made his exit last night, but Richie is still in it to win it, despite a less than suave start.

Dave the plumber in front of some sort of bachelor wall. Image via Instagram.

“When I met Sam I don’t know why but I just kept saying ‘cool bananas’ all the time; ‘Hey Sam, cool bananas, nice dress, cool bananas’ — on and on,” he said.

“And then I joked about being a virgin so that was even worse. I think she spat out some of her champagne when I said that.

“I’m surprised I didn’t go home that night.”

Richie and Sam get busy.

Good luck, eternal bachelor Richie! And we wish you luck, too, in any future bachelor-related ventures, Dave the plumber.

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