Sam Frost explains what it really means when she dyes her hair brown.

As Katy Perry has demonstrated so beautifully this week, nothing cures heartbreak like a drastic hair change.

Well, maybe ‘cures’ is a little ambitious… but there’s no doubt a fresh cut and/or colour can distract from the pain, at least.

One woman who’s no stranger to the “break-over” tradition is one Sam Frost, radio host and alumnus of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Sam's blonde right now, but it hasn't always been the case. (Getty)

During her 2Day FM show on Tuesday evening, the hair colour chameleon admitted her relationship splits have inspired more than one drastic overhaul.

"That's what happens when you go through a breakup; usually you change your hair, you do something drastic. You just want to reinvent yourself," Sam explained to co-host Rove McManus.

When asked to elaborate on her own experience, the former reality TV star ran listeners through the gamut of chops and colours she's undergone.

Mia Freedman talks to Sam Frost about life and love in the public eye, on the No Filter podcast. (Post continues after audio.)

"I just realised the embarrassing thing is the public have seen me go through a breakup. So I went through that weird brown hair stage, I've chopped it off, then I was caramel, then I went really dark," she laughed.

FYI, that really dark stage came in the wake of Sam's very public dumping on national television at the hands of Bachelor Blake Garvey. So... it's understandable.

"They just saw me going downhill, downhill, downhill — nope she's picking herself back up, it's OK guys!"

At the moment Sam's hair is rocking a buttery blonde shade, but she explained there's only cause for concern for her emotional wellbeing if she's crossed over to the dark side of the hair dye spectrum.


"Any time I've got brown hair you know, 'Oh geez, she's not coping'," she laughed.

This is rather useful intel, considering Sam only just split from her Bachelorette beau Sasha Mielczarek in December. We'll know to send her a box of choccies if she goes brunette... or starts rocking vivid nail polish.

"I'm always changing my nail colour too, so sometimes if I go for a bit of an outrageously bright colour you go, 'Oh no, something's going wrong in her life!'" she told Rove.

You can check out some of Sam's colour changes in the gallery below:

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