Sam Frost responds to the frustrating relationship rumour that fans "lost their minds" over.

Sam Frost returned from a week long holiday this morning after visiting a girlfriend in Monaco.

The original Bachelorette spent seven days sipping cocktails, eating pasta and hanging out with her pal in the sun… without her boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek.


Within two days the 26-year-old was inundated with calls, emails and texts asking her if love was dead.

“You would not believe how many inquiries from media outlets and even some people on Instagram, people lost their minds,” she told her co-host Rove McManus on 2DAY.

“It’s just like guys, chill out,” she joked.

“That doesn’t mean your relationship is over because you are having a little bit of alone time.”

Listen to Sam Frost talk about Sasha on the No Filter podcast, ‘I just knew.’ Post continues.

So where was Sasha?

The 31-year-old was seen at the races, for one, enjoying some alone time, much like the girlfriend he is very much in love with.

“It’s really frustrating because it’s annoying that I even have to validate my relationship just because we’re spending time with out friends,” Sam said.

“You just need to be separate people and the world doesn’t fall apart because you’re not spending time together.”

“Journalists: step away from your keyboards and just relax.”

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