The Bachelorette Sam Frost speaks openly about infertility fears.

The Bachelorette is down to it’s last four contestants and Sam Frost has admitted she’s still very much in love with the winner.

But when asked about future family plans, Frost says she has some worries.

The 26-year-old said that she is avoiding talking about how many kids she would like in the future because in all honesty, she doesn’t know.

Sam Frost is a doting aunt. Image via @fro01 Instagram.

"I might be infertile or there might be problems so I never like saying, 'I’m having two children' because sometimes life doesn’t happen [like that]," she told OK Magazine.

While the Bachelorette says that her family have never had trouble conceiving and she has yet to try, she knows that many people do find it difficult.

"My sister fell pregnant straightaway...But I do have friends that have been trying for years and years," she said.

Sam Frost loves being an auntie. Image via @fro01 Instagram.

Frost said she still feels very lucky to be with her chosen man and thinks it would be amazing if she could start a family with him one day.

"But if not, then we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it," she said.

For now, Frost is a doting auntie. It seems that the reality TV star is enjoying her time with her new love and isn't rushing in to anything too quickly.

Who's going to be the winner? Image via @bacheloretteau Instagram.

She has previously opened up to Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM about the fact that she's having sex six times a day with her new beau. (We wrote about it here).

This week Frost will meet the families of the four men who are left vying for her love. Who knows, these could be the possible future grandparents, aunties and uncles of her children.

But for now, Sam is just enjoying the honeymoon stage of that sweet puppy love.

Who do you think is going to win The Bachelorette?

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