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Sam Frost says she and Sasha fight about the TV dilemma all couples face.

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If there is one modern day sign of commitment, be it between a couple, two friends or siblings, it is the ritual of watching a TV show or movie together.

Nothing helps you bond like sharing a love for TV and analysing each scene piece by piece together.

So you might understand the situation Sam Frost divulged on radio this morning. She found out her boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek betrayed her by watching a movie without her…

“My boyfriend and I very rarely have an argument, but when we do it’s over really serious things like… when I’ve been waiting two weeks, super excited to have a romantic night in and watch The Game which had been on my to-watch list for a really long time… and Sash already watched it THREE DAYS EARLIER because he was too excited and couldn’t wait. Not happy,” Sam wrote. 

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For Sam, it just wasn’t the same after that. Sasha had crossed the line.

“I was like, we had this planned. And then, you know what, it just wasn’t the same. And then I turned it off, and he’s like, ‘No, you’re being silly, you’re being silly.’ I wasn’t being silly,” she explained.

We feel your pain, Sam. We’ve been there.

No, there’s not serious trouble between the pair (Sam signed off with “Love you babe”, after all), but a word of advice, Sash? Never do that again.

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