Just hours ago, Sam Dastyari was dining near London Bridge. This is the 'horror' he saw.

New South Wales Senator Sam Dastyari has been evacuated from a London restaurant amid the chaos of the attacks in London overnight.

Dastyari was dining nearby when a van ploughed into a group of tourists on the London Bridge.

‘This literally happened 20 metres from where we were and we could hear it all and were taken past the bodies,’ he told Channel Nine.

Dastyari said he was “locked up in this little room upstairs at a restaurant” while the rest of the city was in lock down. The group he was with was then evacuated and walked past the bodies of the deceased.

“The sounds, you can hear it all, you can hear them screaming,” he said. “It’s horrific, they took us past them, it’s horrific the ambulances are taking them out.”


“There is a lot of fear, confusion, panic, a lot of elderly people being helped and carried. A lot of shock.”

Dastyari has praised the actions of the London police amid the chaos of the multiple attacks.

“It’s graphic. There is no other way of describing it. It’s confronting. The sheer sense and wave of panic that runs through people,” he told Channel Nine.

“I mean, of course there is panic, of course there is fear, of course there is chaos, but that being said I think amongst all of that the way in which the London police are handling this situation is a real testament.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed the incidents in London are being treated as potential acts of terrorism.